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is an anthology, in form of computer-moved and
commented scores, about the Blues Piano and Boogie Woogie Piano from the
20s to the 70s.

This work recalls as accurately as possible in the form of scores, the way
in which grand blues pianists interpreted their more beautiful works and
allows to better analyze and understand what is Blues Piano.

With freely delivered VIVALDI VIEWER, each score can be read and listened to
at the same time; moreover with possibility of reducing the tempo,
reading/listening the hand playings separately.

In other words, this is not only a traditional sheet music collection,
but furthermore a collection of "animated" scores. If you find other
equivalent works dealing with the subject, would you please inform us!
You can also print (or make print) the pdf files of the scores.

Each CD includes:

VIVALDI software and its insructions for use,
proceeding to make "moving" scores VIVALDI software compatible with
various Windows systems,
information about artistic property,

pdf (Adobe) files of the texts (presentation of the pieces,
appendices - concepts and processes that are used),that you can print

the VIVALDI files of "moved" scores, their printable pdf (adobe) files .
on the other hand, Vivaldi software allows you to get the midi file of any score, from which a free software allows you to get the corresponding Mp3 file

All the Vivaldi moved scores are now compatible with Windows 7

( Some good lessons of blues piano! )