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This work includes twelve famous gospel (see Table of Contents).

Each score score includes:

- The VOCAL part
- The PIANO part.

The PIANO part is made in the traditional form of a double staff,
and the VOCAL part in the form of a staff located above the
PIANO part .

The words are those of the original gospels , from tradition,
and have not been subject to any transformation or translation ;
they are written above the VOCAL PART, and situated exactly
above the notes;
information is given to find them on the Internet .

Each part can be made individually as a Vivaldi score ,
which produces its mp3 , midi , etc ..files. Thus,

the PIANO part can be played solo or be accompanied
by the SINGING;

SINGING can be realized by yourself, or a colleague
or the VOCAL part played by your computer or mp3 file
coming from Vivaldi software.

Naturally, you can also simply sing just accompanied
by the PIANO part (played by your computer or its mp3 file) .

The scores are moved by means of Vivaldi Gold software.
You can follow their playing in real time on your computer’s screen (reading and listening automatically synchronized), with possibility of reducing the tempo, separating the play of left and right hands etc...,
or listening to them in MP3 when you are at your piano, or putting the MIDIs in some electronic keyboards. You can also print (or make print) the pdf files of the scores.
All the Vivaldi moved scores are now compatible with all the different Windows.