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Six New Blues

These six blues use developments presented in Six Blue Studies.
We shall recall here but more briefly the concepts of blues including these developments, wich will allow you to understand the annotations (chord figuring) put in the scores.

The scores are moved by means of Vivaldi Gold software, that strongly made GENIUS OF BLUES PIANO * successful,
and are delivered with this software and the MP3 and MIDI files coming from their playing.
So you can follow their playing in real time on your computer’s screen (reading and listening automatically synchronized),
with possibility of reducing the tempo, separating the play of left and right hands etc...,
or listening to them in MP3 when you are at your piano, or putting the MIDIs in some electronic keyboards.

You can also print (or make print) the pdf files of the scores.

All the Vivaldi moved scores are now compatible with Windows 7

(Their level of difficulty does not overtake the one of the scores of "Genius of Blues Piano")

GENIUS OF BLUES PIANO, a 700-page blues piano anthology in form of animated and commented scores